Biblical Finance 101: Cash Flow Conspiracy 3

The Cash Flow Conspiracy refers to the forces at work (satan, society and sin) to undermine one's financial success. I have previously focused on satan's involvement in creating financial havoc and now I would like to turn my attention to society. I think it would be an accurate claim to say that most people underestimate society's influence on one's spending habits. Unless one is a hermit, there are pressures to fit in, to be like the rest. Billions of dollars are spent domestically every year on advertising and corporate budgets are continuing to swell to meet future advertising growth. One of the most demanded professionals in the marketplace today are those with marketing degrees. To say we are inundated with spending pressures is an understatement.

No matter what one has, there is a subtle desire to make others feel humbled by what we possess. This elevating of self in the eyes of others is one of the effects of societal influence. Even in the Christian community, there is sometimes a stigma attached to those who look different, dress different and act different. I have even had a church member, in so many words, question my ability as a financial planner because I drove a used car and not a new one. Personal extravagance, elegance, or even keeping up with the Joneses may have no place where service and humility are concerned. God's blessings come in many different ways and sometimes its material wealth, however, He requires no encumbrances to our service. Many Christians are so influenced by society that they are financially strapped, can't afford to tithe, and have become useless to any type of service. Beware of society's trap and seek God's best. He and He alone can bring contentment.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director