Tithing: The Simple Truth

Many Christians have a hard time tithing regularly while others can't seem to take that initial step of faith and begin. To compound the issue, the paycheck always seems to be insufficient. Without a doubt, most of us can relate to both scenarios. Of the many encouragements I get from scripture, God chose Malachi 3:10 to reveal a simple but yet distant truth while laying in bed one evening, seriously pondering and praying about my lack of conviction on tithing. I can't explain in words the magnitude of understanding the Holy Spirit revealed , but I can say that God intensely yearns for and passionately desires our child-like faith and trust. So much so, that He says, "and test me now in this...."

Picture a dad holding out both index fingers, inwardly, that are being tightly gripped by his toddler who is being led out in the pool for the first time. The child can't touch the bottom, looks intently in his father's eyes for confidence, and continually says, "daddy, hold me." With a calm voice, dad says, "I won't let go, trust me." In the same manner, God is telling us to test Him and He will not let us go; He will meet our every need if we just place our faith in Him.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director