Biblical Finance 101: Cash Flow Conspiracy 2

Last time I discussed the Cash Flow Conspiracy and Satan's involvement. He has an endless repertoire of deceptive devices to make Christians stumble and until the earlier of one's demise or the return of Jesus to experiment on each one to find the most effective. A shaken faith leads to financial disobedience. For example, when was the last time something happened in your life that made you temporarily lose faith in God, or even get mad at Him for a short time, and you decided not to tithe anymore? If he cannot make one succumb to his missiles (Eph 6:16), then he will send another - maybe an unbeliever (I Cor 6:14,15). How many times do devoted Christians marry unbelievers, and then all tithing stops? How many business arrangements are there between Christians and unbelievers? Problems arise, the arrangement is dissolved and/or lawsuits arise, and the Christian is held financially responsible, maybe for the actions of the unbeliever. Are those with whom you have financial dealings Christians? We are not unaware of Satan's schemes - only fools and the naive take things for face value. Test the spirits (I John 4:1-3), search for evidence of spiritual fruit (Gal 5:22,23), and then respond according to the Holy Spirit's leading.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director