Designated Funds

Why does the church budget have designated funds (DF) and what purpose do they serve? First, let me identify what a DF does not do. A DF does not affect nor is a part of the church's budget or normal function; and it does not get "funded" from monies (tithes) going to the church's budget. The purpose of a DF is to identify some of the special ministries of the church. These special ministries cannot be a part of the church's normal budgeting process, therefore, they are identified separately and apart from the budget but are still classified as charitable contributions. They are funded by the offerings of those who have already given their tithe to the church and wish to give an offering over and above that tithe. Every year, Christians support thousands of ministries inside the church (designated funds) and outside the church. Call the church office for a list of special ministries God may lead you to support.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director