The Fallacies of Grace Giving 1

Grace giving is a relatively unknown, false concept of which I was exposed to many years ago. I will attempt to relay the tenets of this concept in the way that I understand them in this article and then discuss, in my opinion, its scriptural deficiencies in the next article.

Grace giving’s foundation comes from the grace that God bestows upon us. His unmerited favor allows us to partake in the gift of eternal life through the blood of Jesus. Grace applies to every facet of a Christian’s life; therefore, there is no reciprocating expectation or action needed or our part. Since God’s grace permeates every part of our existence and since he provides all of our needs, tithing and giving are optional as one is led to do so. There is no scriptural inference or expectation of giving back the Him. To sum it up, if one gives, it is out of his grace toward God that compels him to do so.

I am going to stick my neck out and provide a discussion forum for comment via my email similar to a radio talk show. Place the words “Grace Giving” in the subject line. Your comments are welcome, as well as correction and criticism, and I will incorporate those comments in the next article when I discuss the fallacies of grace giving.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director