Money Changers, Part 4

For the previous 3 articles, I have been discussing our modern money changers. Unfortunately for many, the concepts discussed are so foreign to our modern thinking that they just won’t get it. I have discussed these issues face to face with many folks and they just didn’t get it. Jesus got it and he ran the scoundrels out of town. I sincerely believe that once the public understands, and hopefully that will come sooner than later, they’ll effect change. Nevertheless, how does scripture address these issues? First, I think it is important to note again what borrowing does. In a nutshell, the debtor (borrower) contractually signs away (mortgages) future earnings.

Before I begin, I believe by the end of this topic, you will be convinced that debt is another scheme of satanic design. Since the beginnings of the Israelite nation, debt was a constant issue that had to be dealt with. Our society and Christian community has embraced borrowing as a normal function. Most can’t conceive purchasing anything of significance without the use of debt…it’s just not possible. Our modern system of finance has, unfortunately, forced us into using debt in certain situations such as buying a home. No matter the case, one needs to see debt in the proper light for what it is and how it affects us as Christians.

How does all this fit within the standards set forth in scripture? I’ll discuss the answer to that question in the following months.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director