Tithe v. Offering 2

The word tithe in both the Hebrew and Greek mean a tenth. Why did God choose a tenth? I believe God's perfect two-fold design was the reason. He expects those whom he called to minister be supported by those benefiting from the ministry (I Cor 9:11). Also, an obedient people are a blessed people, not only spiritually but materially. God's material blessings enable Christians to meet their personal needs as well as those in the ministry via the tithe.

The tithe comes from the first part, and a tenth, of one's income (Pro 3:9), not after all bills are paid and whatever is left over becomes the tithe. This leftover mentality indicates a lack of faith and is an insult to God, but yet that seems to be the popular way. This is also one of the reasons most families can't tithe, much less balance the checkbook: they have never taken the first elementary and basic step in their spiritual journey to trust God with their finances!

In my twenty years of experience, every non-tithing family I worked with always had financial difficulties. Yet, I have never met a tithing family that did not have their needs met. Think about it!

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director