Lessons From Y2K

Well, it appears that Y2K was a bust. But, was it really? It turned out just as God planned it. In looking back, I think there are two lessons we can conclude.

One is that the potential fallout from computer problems created such a sense of urgency that those "in the know" got to work on the solution to ensure that the rest of us were saved the crash. Why don't Christians have that same sense of urgency to proclaim the saving message to the lost world? We are the ones "in the know." We have the solution...and it's Jesus Christ! The crash is coming and it's not temporary, but eternal. Christians are the computer programmers with the solution to ensure that the rest of the world will be saved from the crash to come. The transition into the Y2K of eternity won't be at the strike of midnight, or the big apple falling, or fireworks, but at the sound of the trumpet. Will we have done our task?

Next, the Y2K phenomena induced many of us to make certain plans but nothing changed. In other words, in our home, we continued doing the same ole stuff. We were prudent and made plans, but those plans didn't affect anything. As for me and my household, God was still head. This was Isaiah 55:9 in action...in living color.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director