Y2K Preparations

Well, there are four months left before we enter the new millenium. As a Christian people, how should we prepare? Should we sit by and wait with an attitude of, "What will happen, will happen." Do we go overboard and sell everything, move to the mountains and live like hermits? Scripture gives many instances where God's people were faced with major changes and how they prepared; e.g., Noah and the flood, Exodus from Egypt, crossing the Jordan, Jesus preparing the disciples for His departure, etc. In all these instances, they were led by God and entrusted everything to Him. They had a plan of action, made preparations, sometimes elaborate, and followed through with it.

No matter what happens at the tick of midnight on December 31, God is still sovereign and sitting on His throne. Acknowledging this, what preparations is He leading you to plan for? Do not allow yourself to blindly cross into the new year without any consideration of how you will be affected. The prudent person will seriously consider the potential consequences of Y2K and act accordingly. For the rest of the year, I will cover some areas that you will need to take to the Lord in prayer.

Gary Ellis, MBA, CFP
Association Stewardship Director